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With Claire Tomalin and Kathryn Hughes, in conversation. Speakers include Richard Holmes, Charles Nicholl, Miranda Seymour, Jeremy Treglown, and Frances Wilson. There will be a moderated round-table discussion with some of UEA’s life writers: Rebecca Fraser, Helen Smith, and Matthew Woodcock. Closing remarks from Kathryn Hughes.

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What kind of life do we get when depth overshadows breadth?

In serious biography, more and more, it means a partial life: a focus on what is called the ‘collective’ or group, and (in what is swiftly becoming the new trend) on a pivotal event or age.

Lately biographers have chosen a pivotal event, a series of events, or the relationships within a group to create closer and perhaps even truer portraits of their subjects than ever before.

The conventional biographer must wonder: how do these shorter, closer cuts stand up to definitive, cradle-to-grave lives? What new challenges do they present, and what old ones do they overcome? Are certain subjects better served by it? How is the structure already evolving?

This two-day international and interdisciplinary conference features talks from postgraduates, academics and practicing biographers that explore this recent innovation in life writing.